Sub label “EZiKi”

EZiKi is “Thrashkick” label. Thrashkick is a new subgenre of speedcore for DJ use. In the past, speedcore tracks have varied wildly in terms of both BPM and harshness of sound, and rarely if ever included the substantial intro and outro sections necessary to facilitate DJ mixing, all of which has made the genre quite difficult to DJ. Thus, Thrashkick was created: a new style emphasizing accessibility for DJs and based in an established set of rules: a standarized BPM of 300, an even balance of sound, and the addition of full intros and outros to tracks.

Artist : V.A.
Title : Thrashkick Must Die v1.0
Label : EZiKi
Cut number : EZKCD002

01 m1dy – All Be One
02 DJKurara – Rocking The Thrashkick
03 Coakira – Neoprism
04 EZiKi DJ Crew – Blow Up The Moon
05 Agonistes – Heresy
06 M-Project – Thrash Pit
07 QURELESS – Go 2 Tha Trick
08 RedOgre vs EZiKi DJ Crew – Flat Spin Valkyrie
09 m1dy vs M-Project – Before Sunrise
10 Bonus Mix (Mixed By m1dy & M-Project)


Artist : m1dy
Title : Speedcore For DJs
Label : EZiKi
Cut number : EZKCD001

01.Thru the crowd
02.Pig bomb